”Roots and Wings” Permanent Supportive Housing
Rapid Re-Housing

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Homelessness Prevention and Recovery

Project Vida values the role decent and consistent housing plays into an individuals wellness and the health of the community. When families are struggling to afford their current housing or need to find supportive housing, Project Vida can help provide options or direction to other programs. These programs are part of the 211 referral system. If you think you and your family could benefit from housing services, please call 211. The 211 program will complete an assessment of need and urgency, and will connect people to relevant services. You may request a referral to Project Vida but it is not guaranteed.

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"Roots & wings" Permanent Supportive Housing

Families in the program are homeless for a variety of reasons. Features of the "Roots & Wings" Permanent Supportive Housing include:

  • 6-apartment, single-level complex for chronically homeless families with one or more members who have a mental/or physical disability.

  • Monthly rent for each eligible family is paid by HUD to Project Vida for every 12-month period the family chooses to remain at "Roots & Wings."

  • Referrals accepted from other community agencies serving the homeless, wait-listed as needed.

  • Individualized family case management with referrals to Project Vida programs and community resources as needed for all family members.

  • Adjacent to Project Vida's main offices, "Roots & Wings" provides families with easy access to primary and behavioral health care, the Early Childhood Development Center, and after-school child care and enrichment activities.


Short-term deposit, rent, and utility assistance for homeless families and individuals in El Paso City to help secure permanent housing and prevent longer-term homelessness. This is a short-term program, and other options may need to be explored for long-term sollutions.


Short-term rent and/or utility assistance for families at risk of facing eviction or disconnection of utilities, in order to stabilize the living situation, keep families in their residence, and prevent homelessness, for families living within El Paso City. This is a short-term program, and other options may need to be explored for long-term sollutions.

For more information, call the Rivera office at (915) 553-7057 Ext. 116, 118, 218, 234 & 243, or send an email to M.miranda@pvida.net

Roots & Wings Transitional Living Center Apartment