MTAP County Expansion SUPPORTERS:

  • El Paso Electric
  • GECU
  • Wells Fargo
  • BBVA Compass
  • Guerra Investment Advisors
  • Hunt Family Foundation
  • University Presbyterian Church
  • Tropicana Homes
  • Sundt Foundation
  • West Star Bank

Economic Development

The Microenterprise Technical Assistance Program (MTAP) encourages business development and economic expansion in El Paso County with funding from the
City of El Paso's Community Development Block Grant program; United Way; and financial institutions, corporations, and various private sources. There is no cost to microenterprise owners to participate.

A microenterprise is a business with five (5) or fewer employees. Owners must work
full-time in the business and qualify based on HUD income guidelines. MTAP provides microenterprises the direct assistance they need to grow and be profitable.

MTAP Economic Development Specialists assist your micro-business with:

  • Visits to your location and follow-up to learn about and evaluate the needs of your business.
  • Helping you create a business plan with a clear description of future goals and a strategy to achieve them.
  • Monthly meetings with other microenterprise owners on different topics such as accounting, recordkeeping, financial statements, marketing, use of technology, and many other business-related topics.
  • Preparation for and access to loans through partnerships with micro-lending organizations, credit unions, and banks.
“We help micro-entrepreneurs achieve success!”

Business Development
Microenterprise owners often know their product or service but still need financial and administrative tools to thrive. Owners often need to build trust with outside advisors before they discuss their actual situations. Project Vida’s history and the growing reputation of its workshops, seminars, and support have increased MTAP participation. Micro-businesses continue to report increased stability, job retention, job creation, and growth.

Business and Financial Education
MTAP combines business literacy and financial education workshops and seminars with individual coaching, mentoring, and professional and personal consultation to provide quality advice on specific challenges to each owner's business.

Business Start-ups
MTAP supports new micro-businesses in obtaining operating licenses and permits, creating a business plan, basic accounting, and marketing strategies to empower owners to succeed.

Business Fairs
MTAP participants exhibit, promote, and sell their products and services to other MTAP participants and their communities in a friendly environment. 

Guadarrama’s Flower Shop, Northeast El Paso.  An MTAP participant since 2012, Guadarrama's has received support in accounting, marketing, business plan development, and a loan application. Owner Isabel Guadarrama continues to attend MTAP seminars.